Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Untitled-feedback needed!!

I wrote I miss you in the recess of a muddy puddle

Letting the water dismantle my words, ever so quietly

No cracks to behold, or a sliver vacuity, just a blur..

Always a blur.

I sprayed I hate you in red ink all over the road

Something for the rubber to make noise on, since I never did

It mixed with grime until I couldn’t see anymore

And neither could the driver.

I wrote I love you in blood on a scribbled math page

Letting it fade, as all the passion had

The coal mine of our land, empty now

Depths to fall in.

I typed I give up in a font that you would despise

Giving my fingers room to move

As I kept my mouth shut, scared of being driven into words.

I scrawled that I don’t care anymore

Or that I don’t miss you anymore

Letting the remembrance of those our love had killed rock me to sleep.

I write like you- not like you.

And its all true, what I write, except maybe-

I don’t miss you-

But I miss you when I’m breathing.

1 comment:

  1. Ok! my feedback is probably: THIS IS THE BEST PIECE OF POETRY EVER! :D